Dechlorinating Cartridge

Your source of clean and crystalline water.


Only the industry leader could manufacture one of the best candles in the world. Besides Stéfani filters have been the first to receive the INMETRO certificate (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology), Stéfani Cartridge is considered one of the world's most efficient water treatment.

Its microporous ceramic wall filters water dropwise, without the addition of chemicals, reducing impurities and retaining solid particles, ensuring healthy water and free of microorganisms.

Stéfani Cartridges are compatible with all market gravity filters, and certainly, there is no safer way to provide clean water and ensure health and wellbeing.


Double action - is a dechlorinating cartridge that inside contains activated carbon (GAC - Granular Actived Carbon), a product of vegetable origin obtained from the coconut shell, and used worldwide in water purification systems to reduce odors, flavors, and the content of chlorine present in the water.