In the filters equipped with Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridge (Triple Action): First stage: the water flows through the microporous ceramic filtering wall, which retains solid particles and impurities. Second stage: the inside layer of colloidal silver sterilizes the water, leaving it free of bacteria. Third stage: in this stage, the water flows through the activated carbon, which guarantees high efficiency in reducing odors, tastes and amount of chlorine present in the water, making it crystalline and healthy for consumption. Stored in the Terracotta filters, the water becomes cooler due to the porosity characteristic of the clay pieces that promote the heat exchange, ensuring the natural water-cooling. In the filters equipped with Dechlorinating Ceramic Cartridge (Double Action): occurs only the first and third stages. In the filters equipped with Tradicional Ceramic Cartridge: occurs only the first stage. In the filters equipped with Press Ceramic Cartridge: only the first step occurs, and the third stage occurs attenuated given the high flow rate in the pressure filters that decreases the efficiency of the activated carbon.