Advance Plus Filter

Modern and complete. Maximum performance in water puification.


Stéfani Advance Plus Filter uses Stéfani Sterilizing Cartridge (Triple Action) with colloidal silver and activated carbon, that filters impurities, removes bacteria and microorganisms, reduces odors, flavors and the amount of chlorine in the water. Its design allows the visualization of the water level in the upper chamber while the terracotta lower chamber freshen the water.
Another product with Stéfani quality and efficiency guaranteed by the world's most renowned research institutes, so that the costumer always takes home the maximum in health and safety.
Equipped with the new generation of Stéfani Clic Tap and Float Valve, which doubles the storage capacity of the filter.



4 Liters and 1 Cartridge

6 Liters and 1 Cartridge

8 Liters and 2 Cartridges

10 Liters and 3 Cartridges