Premium Filter

The evolution does not stop. More modern details.


Ceramica Stéfani looked for projecting a filter with a modern design, with smooth lines, and that matched with any environment. With the Premium Filter, quality, safety and economy come from the factory.

Stéfani Premium Filter, besides pleasing with its innovative design, guarantee pure, fresh and healthy water for the entire family.
Straight base, detachable and more resistant.
Water naturally fresh and healthy.
High efficiency in reducing impurities in suspension in the water, retain solid particles and impurities.
Equipped with the new generation of Stéfani Clic Taps.



4 Liters and 1 Cartridge
6 Liters and 2 Cartridges
8 Liters and 3 Cartridges
10 Liters and 4 Cartridges



For the international market this filter can be equipped with Sterilizing Cartridge (Triple Action), composed by colloidal silver and activated carbon that filters impurities, eliminates bacteria and microorganisms, reduces odors, tastes and the amount of chlorine in the water. Besides that, it is also composed by Stéfani Clic Tap and Float Valve, which doubles the storage capacity of the filter.