Flex Filter

Modern for your life. Efficient for your health.


Stéfani Flex Filter is light, resistant and easy to handle, besides being a practical and safe way of drinking water.
Equipped with São João Traditional Cartridge, new generation of Stéfani Clic Tap and Float Valve, which doubles the capacity of the filter; it provides healthy water all the time.
The design and colors make the Stéfani Flex Filter a modern product, its transparency allows the visualization of the water and gives a special touch to the environment.


Detachable, and being extremely light and resistant, it is the most appropriate filter to be transported to any location.


Available in colors white or blue.



6 Liters and 1 Cartridge

6 Liters and 2 Cartridges



For the international market this filter can be equipped with Sterilizing Cartridge (Triple Action), composed by colloidal silver and activated carbon that filters impurities, eliminates bacteria and microorganisms, reduces odors, tastes and the amount of chlorine in the water. Besides that, it is also composed by Stéfani Clic Tap and Float Valve, which doubles the storage capacity of the filter.