Cristal Plus Filter

New generation. Harmony and transparency for all environments.


Stéfani Cristal Plus Filter is part of a new generation of filters, with harmony, transparency and practicality for all environments. It is equipped with Stéfani Sterilizing Cartridge, which removes chlorine in the water, eliminates bacteria and retains solid particles and impurities present in the water.


In addition to combining and decorating the most diverse environments, it is ideal for those who want to have pure and healthy water all the time. It is dismountable and extremely light, its compact and resistant carton makes the transportation easier, making it ideal to be taken on trips.

-Transparency allowing visualization of water.
- Light and easy to manipulate.
- Compact, does not take much space.
- Modern and differentiated.
- Equipped with the new generation of Stéfani Clic Tap and Float Valve, which doubles the capacity of the filter.



6 Liters and 1 Cartridge
8 Liters and 2 Cartridges