Cerâmica Stéfani is located in the city of Jaboticabal, countryside of São Paulo state in Brazil. A privileged region by a well-organized road network, which favors the logistic of distribution of its products throughout the entire country and the export through the Port of Santos-SP (422 km), International Airport of Viracopos in the city of Campinas-SP (264 km) and the International Airport of Cumbica in the city of Guarulhos-SP (362 km).

Jaboticabal - SP - Brasil

The city of Jaboticabal is known by its ceramic, whose raw material is abundant on the region. Since its founding in 1828, the city has always had activities related to ceramic, for being located close to the river Mojiguaçu – notable for its large terracotta deposit – and surrounded by many rivers.

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